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Future Agency

I have worked for two decades developing strategies and concepts based on insights into the way technology is changing consumer behaviour, and on pioneering the realisation of these concepts for ao airlines/airports, mediacompanies, banks & investment firms, 

retail comapnies and real-estate firms.

Smart Experiences

I focus on the merger of real and virtual worlds and start from a profound understanding on how smart technologies, and game design principles can help to create meaningful experiences. 

Pioneering projects

 I consider myself a social entrepeneur. I am  or have been involved in succefully setting up various initiaves, organisations, and companies.  


Within projects I contribute:​ Vision/ Forecasting/ R & D/ Analysis/ Strategy/ Ideation/ Concept & Format Developments / Prototyping/ Design/ Talent Selection/ Talent Development/ Project Development/ Business Development/ Incubation/ 

Formats include various workshop formats/ consultancy/ various study & research formats/ coaching/ interim /project development

Talks & Publications

I speak at various concferences, and lecture at various universities around the world.  Themes of recent lectures: Real Virtuality, Design for Engagement, The Future of Intimacy. Game Design Thinking, Applying Game Design Thinking to designinging engaging Spaces...


Last year the Dutch newspaper Trouw published an interview with me. You can read it here (in Dutch).

 I recently contributed to "23 innovations in digital communication", published by BIS publishers. You can order it here.

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