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I am (or was) involved in pioneering innovative initiatives such as:

Nowhere/  FreedomLab Campus/ WeLoveYourWork/

The Dutch Game GardenThe Dutch

Game Fund


I help organisations to develop vision, strategy and concepts in relation to the merger of the digital & physical world, and help them to create meaningful brands, services and formats.
I work as strategist and creative director at WeLoveYourWork, an Amsterdam based future agency. At WLYW I help various companies, institutions, national and local governments to develop insights, vision and strategy regarding economic competitiveness, future trends, and innovation.
Next to that I work as director for Nowhere, a new Digital Art Museum which I co-founded. Nowhere will open its doors in 2022.
Furthermore I am advisor to CineKid, de Raad voor Cultuur, jury member for The Dutch Design Awards, and innovationboard member of InRetail and I hold an Honorary Fellowship at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU).
Until recently I worked as a strategist and creative director at Freedomlab and Dasym Investment Strategies, Cairman at the Dutch Game Fund, Chairman at the Dutch Game Garden (a game business centre and an incubation program involving over 40 game companies in the Netherlands), associate professor and board member at HKU. I am co-founder of GX, a Dutch software multinational.

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